At Home and Distance Invitations

Are you at home and not able to access natural surroundings?  Or you can but are practicing distancing and looking for ways to connect with nature?  In a formal forest therapy walk, one is offered a series of invitations  that follow a standard sequence.  Below are some nature invitations that can be practiced alone, both indoors and outdoors.  Offered are some simple ideas to bring you an abbreviated version of forest therapy,  while things transition,  and until we can safely guide you in person for the full experience.   

At Home Invitations

Not able to leave the house? Missing the outdoors and natural surroundings? Click below for some invitations to use during this time.

image1 (27).jpeg

Sit Spot

During a forest therapy walk, one may be invited to sit with a tree for 20 minutes.  One may be invited to share a story with the tree.  If you are able to get out into nature, find a tree, or a place in nature that your body guides you to, and try this.  What do you notice?  Feel free to share what you've noticed by emailing us.


Please ensure you check with your local outdoor areas for up to date policies on public uses.  Graceful Roots assumes no responsibility, the above invitations are at your own risk.  Please be respectful of others and follow government guidelines for distancing.